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 My Journey With Juno - Francis Battista , Co-Founder of Best Friends Animal Society, has graciously donated his blog space to us to tell our story. 


Juno has been named Cesar Millan’s Beagle of the Year    The results are in and with over 2,000 votes I have been named Beagle of the Year! Read all about it here.



The Daily News What an exciting day for me to meet all the amazing kids at Animal Haven’s Caring Kid’s program. They really do care and I love them all so much. The highlight of today’s event was all the belly rubs I got. 


One Green Planet -  My exciting weekend at the New York Vegetarian Festival was an important event for me. I was voted number one exhibitor on day 1 of the festival. So many wonderful people attended and stopped by my table to show their support. I am so grateful to each and every one of them!!


Finding Her Voice -  Best Friends Animal Society staff writer Ted Brewer talks to my Mom about adopting me and inheriting a cause in the process.


Leaders of the Pack -  Best Friends Animal Society staff writer Sandy Miller followed up on my progress and my all star appearance at my first ever Best Friends Strut Your Mutt in New York City!


The Great Beagle Escape -   Here my friends, is where it all started. The Great Beagle Escape will bring a tear to your eye and hopefully make you think twice before you buy.